Estate Dispersals

For estate executors, overseeing the sale and distribution of real estate and personal property can present many challenges. Sorting through possessions often requires the involvement of family members who may live out of town. Moving bulky furniture, appliances, and equipment is strenuous. And preparing a home for sale takes additional time and energy.

Gentle Transfer will take the weight off your shoulders with our seamless process.

We’ll help you identify, relocate and retain items you want to keep, sell items of value, and donate or dispose of the rest. Our team can then market your home and manage the real estate transaction. Need to ship or relocate items to another location? Our professional moving services have you covered. Learn how Gentle Transfer provides your family with a convenient, efficient, and stress-free experience.

Benefits Of Working With Us

Simplify Your Responsibilities:

Settling an estate can require you to coordinate with realtors, auctioneers, movers, cleaners and other contractors. With Gentle Transfer, you’ll have a single point of contact for the entire process.

Know What’s Valuable:

You don’t want to let go of items for less than they’re worth. You also don’t want to waste time handling pieces that have little market value. Our expertise will provide a cost effective process that is both profitable and time efficient.

Minimize Family Conflicts:

We can organize, transport, and liquidate property without strenuous needs for family involvement. You’ll simply receive a check that you can distribute according to your settlement plan.

Get Started

We’re with you all the way. Leave your worries behind and learn how smooth the journey to your next phase of life can be.